Gilde Law firm aggressively prosecutes Plant and Refinery Injuries. Although rare, when plant explosions occur, they are devastating and often result in significant loss of life. The 2013 West Fertilizer Plant explosion and 2005 Texas City Refinery explosion are a recent and awful reminder of the dangers posed by a plant explosion.

Plant explosions often occur due to the failure of management in following or enforcing safety guidelines, the aging or poor maintenance of equipment, and placing company profits over people’s safety.
Plant explosions occur when chemicals or a chemical reaction creates significant quantities of gas, which leads to heat build-up followed by a reaction or release of energy – an explosion. Plant explosions occur in the following industries:

  • Refineries
  • Maritime Oil and Gas Rigs Platforms
  • Land Oil and Gas Rigs/Platforms
  • Chemical Plants
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Coal Plants
  • Natural Gas Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Processing Plants
  • Self-powered Industrial and Commercial sites
  • Maritime Vessels
  • Pipelines

Plant Explosions can lead to the following injuries and damage:

  • Death
  • Burns
  • Lung damage due to inhalation of gases, chemicals, and smoke
  • Falls resulting from the blast
  • Loss of hearing
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Latent diseases or illnesses caused from exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Property damage
  • Nuisance

Plant Exposure Litigation requires knowledge. First, identifying the responsible party requires looking at who has the duty of care for the safe operation of the plant and safety of people. The next step is identifying the cause of the plant explosion – how the responsible party breached its duty of care. This process involves extensive document research and the use of qualified experts.

Injuries can occur in other forms that include include falls, electrocution, falling objects, defective construction tools, defective protective gear, inadequate cleaning and maintenance of site, scaffold and ladder accidents, crane accidents, forklift accidents, tractor accidents, and negligent site management and signaling.

Offshore drilling rigs are extremely dangerous, with drownings, crush injuries, and explosions accounting for a significant number of serious injuries and fatalities annually. Refinery explosions can occur in oil refineries, metal refineries, and natural gas processing plants. The burn injuries, toxic exposure, and other injuries can be catastrophic for the victims.

Manufacturing plants are environments often plagued by dangerous heavy-duty equipment, hazardous chemicals, inadequate supervision by management, the presence of dangerous chemicals, and co-workers not paying attention. As a result, these plants can be extremely dangerous.
Compensation for Industrial Injuries

If you have suffered serious personal injuries or lost a loved one in an industrial accident, we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

We Believe: We believe in a safe work place and safe industry in our communities. We believe in this litigation, and we believe you.

We Fight: Gilde Law Firm knows how to fight for your interests against your industrial adversaries.

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