Gilde Law Firm is a go-to firm on Hydraulic Fracturing (“fracking”) and Unconventional Shale Gas Development cases. Fracking and Unconventional Shale Gas Development cases pose a significant risk to personal health and property. Gilde Law Firm is a go-to firm for this area of litigation.

Fracking is a process for speeding up the production and harvesting of natural gas underground. Pumping up to millions of gallons of water, sand, and a chemical mixture into pre-drilled holes stimulates production to produce a much higher yield of natural gas – reinvigorating formations that were previously considered depleted and opening up new natural reservoirs that scientists and geologists previously considered unusable.

Fracking is a particularly important issue in Texas, which accounts for one-third of the nation’s natural gas production. There are more than 4,500 fracking sites in Texas alone, most of which are concentrated on the state’s shale formations, as indicated below. In addition, fracking is occurring on a grand scale throughout the country河北福彩app官方下载 in the following shale formations, as indicated below.

Texas United States
Barnett Shale (North Texas – Denton, Tarrant, Wise, and other counties) Antrim Shale (MI)
Eagle Ford Shale (South Central Texas – Atascosa, Dewitt, Fayette, Frio, Gonzales, Karnes, LaSalle, Lavaca, Live Oak, Maverick, Webb, Wilson, and other counties) Caney Shale (OK)
Haynesville Shale (East Texas) Chattanooga and Ohio Shale (VA, WV, KY, & OH)
Palo Duro Basin Shale (Texas Panhandle – Briscoe, Hall, Motley, and Floyd counties) Conesauga Shale (AL)
Pearsall Shale (Southwest Texas) Fayetteville Shale (AR)
Floyd Shale (Al & MS)
Gothic Shale (CO)
Haynesville Shale (LA)
Marcellus Shale (WV, PA, & NY)
New Albany Shale (IL)
Utica Shale (NY)
Woodford Shale (OK)

Fracking is a component to a much larger and potentially dangerous legal issue – toxic exposure, nuisance, and property devaluation to name just a few. Although hydraulic fracturing has many benefits to our country河北福彩app官方下载’s energy use, it is not without its dangers. Fracking can cause a number of dangers to the local community.

The process of hydraulic fracturing may introduce arsenic, barium, chromium, lead, hydrochloric acid, methanol, boric acid, and a conglomeration of other chemicals into the groundwater – contaminating your or the local community’s water supply. It also emits significant quantities of aromatic hydrocarbons (BTEX chemicals – like Benzene) into the air as well as Methane – a significant green house gas. Gas leaks, emissions, water contamination, on-site accidents, trucking accidents, and the like also cause a great deal of danger for residents living near fracking sites.

We Believe: It is difficult to establish causation and damages in fracking litigation, so it is essential to work with a law firm that believes in your claims.

We Fight: Litigation against the natural gas industry is extremely challenging and adversarial. Gilde Law Firm knows how to fight for your interests.

We Win: We will work to obtain full and fair compensation for the illnesses, injuries, and property damages you have suffered as a result of fracking.

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